The Collington Photoshoot — Experts Help Us Tell Our Story

I spent a lovely, if exhausting, couple of days trying to keep up with Susan Deller and the Marketing folks as they worked with their experts to take more photos and video to help us tell our story.

I hope later to do a somewhat slicker compendium, including video (“The Making of the Film“).  But, before the memories fade, I want quickly to share some of the photos I took of the process that to me best caught the lovely positive and supportive feeling it had.

Capturing the Marketing Meeting
Framing at Work
Good Exercise Energy
McCulley Video Preparation
Dining Room Hostess Jody Shares her Warmth and Caring

It was particulalry moving how often staff talked of Collington as part of their extended family, and their desire to treat us as they would want their families and grandparents to be treated.  Not much words can add to that.  Except “Thanks, that’s just what we feel from you.”

3 thoughts on “The Collington Photoshoot — Experts Help Us Tell Our Story

  1. I read your piece after reading this morning’s news. What a delightful contrast! Our life at Collington is indeed a haven of people being polite and kind to each other. Thanks for capturing this in your pictures and words.

  2. Richard. Story telling is more meaningful than just a collection of opinions. The stories weave themselves into our fabric. You have this ability and contribute freely of your time and insight. Please please please will others contribute from their own special place.

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