Nancy Lively Reports on a Resident’s 100th Birthday

Nancy Reports:

Oh May 25th Marie Childs had her 100th birthday

It is unusual for anyone to reach the age of 100 and still be as active in our community as Marie Childs.  It is also unusual for a woman of 100 to look so young that people who came to the Ivy Room this week on her birthday who did not know Marie when asked to guess her age all guessed in the early 70’s.

This is a photo of Marie taken on the day she was 100 years plus 1 day old.  If you don’t know her you need to get up early in the morning and go to the Ivy Room around 8:15 where she and some other early birds meet daily for coffee, a sweet, good talk and laughter.  Her laugh is infectious and you will be encouraged to think you too may be as healthy and fortunate as Marie in your own older years.