Pictures from the American Foreign Services Officers Association Day

Yesterday,  we shared some of what happened when Joan and I represented Collington at the AFSA day at the State Dept last week.  Now come the pictures, mainly taken in the Reception Rooms.  We have some quite nice stuff at Collington, but this outclasses us just a little bit!

We, and Collington, were made to feel very welcome indeed.  We look forward to a strengthening and  mutually helpful relationship with the Association. There is a reason we already advertise extensively and regularly in the Journal.

Special tour of these Reception Rooms, anyone?  Tour of Collington for AFSA folks?

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Richard Zorza,  Todd Thurwachter, Paula Jakub
Richard Zorza, Todd Thurwachter (Retiree Counselor at American Foreign Service Association), Paula Jakub (Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of the American Foreign Service Protective Association) at AFSA Day at State Dept.


Nne-nne Abanobi Richard Zorza Joan Zorza
Nne-nne Abanobi (Outreach & Marketing Manager at American Foreign Service Protective Association, Richard Zorza Joan Zorza at AFSA Day. Note the famous Unfinished Painting of the Signing of the treaty of Paris in 1783 2 on the  right.  Talk about an evolving Special Relationship!

Note the “unfinished” painting (picture) after one by Benjamin West to the right over the mantel.  Info here.


Richard and  FAD guests
Richard and AFSA Day guests


Ariane, nne-nne and Joan
Ariane, nne-nne and Joan


Deputy Sec  wRichard and Joan Zorza.
Deputy Assistant Sec of State Patrick Murphy with Richard and Joan.

Bio of Deputy Assistant Sec of State Patrick Murphy here