Rethinking Our “Handicapped” Signs

There is a wonderful movement all over the world, promoting an active accessibility icon to replace the traditional passive “handicapped” one.  It has been promoted by people putting stickers over the old ones, like here.


This, and all the images in this post, come from the Accessible Icon Project.  Lots more there too.

This is the group’s final design:


And, least anyone think this does not meet official standards, here is one in use at a US Treasury office:


Lets do it here.

One thought on “Rethinking Our “Handicapped” Signs

  1. Yes, let’s do it, but let’s also be sure that the “head” of the icon is firmly attached to the “body”. Also, a more inclusive icon might be a good idea, that is, one that included people with disabilities, such as visual impairment, other than mobility limitations. I do understand, however, that there is an advantage to using a generally-recognized icon, whatever its limitations.

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