Ad Hoc Auditorium Committee Listing of Issues and Suggestions Lays Groundwork for Wednesday April 20 Meeting

The Auditorium Committee has taken an important step forward both in improving our wonderful auditorium, so critical to our communities sense of, well, community.  There is always something going on there, and it is through events there that we often are reminder of our specialness.

The Ad Hoc Committee has generated a list of issues and suggestions, which can be seen in full here.  The suggestions are divided into four areas from four groups: the User Group, the Facilities Group, the Audio-Visual Group, and the Stage Group.

Suggestions range from allowing short term “holds” on thermostats to installing remote control video cameras, from use of student volunteers to expansion of the room, from multi-purposing of the stage to making it easier to move small events to other meeting rooms.

The group will meet next on Wed April 20 at 4:00 PM.

I understand that the plan is to break into work groups focusing on these four areas of focus, to develop recommedations that will then be integrated by the group as a whole for presentation to the RA and beyond.

It seems that this approach will be a good model for other such areas as we move forward. Jim Giese is to be congratulated on starting a measured and comprehensive process. I am sure that he and the group would welcome additional thoughts and suggestions.