Collington Embraces the Raptors

Last night there was a wonderful presentation on raptors and on the Owl Moon Raptor Center.  Collington’s connection came out of our (sadly failed) attempt to rescue a hurt hawk, described here.

The woman who helped us, Suzanne Shoemaker, came to Collington and showed us her wards, patients and friends.  Here are some wonderful photos of that event.  These are all courtesy of Joe Howard

If you want to support the work of, or find out more about, the Center, it is at:

Owl Moon Raptor Center
20201 Bucklodge Road
Boyds, MD 20841









4 thoughts on “Collington Embraces the Raptors

  1. This was a memorable event for Collington, and many off us found it exciting to see these Raptors close up. I suggest that the photos shown here, that Joe Howard took, be posted somewhere in our corridors, just as we post much of our great art work. A number of our residents have not seen these.

    1. Great idea. Anne Stone might like this idea.
      Actually, it might be good to have a changing “recent photos” area in a frequently used corridor. Maybe the Frame Shop could get a color printer through the OO or an estate sale, and play this role. People might like to vote for ones they really like, and those might stay up longer. All community building. Thanks for the idea, lets spread it.

  2. The comments and emails that I have received today about last night’s program have been nothing short of remarkable. People really seemed to enjoy the program. As Carol said, their work does merit support. It is so easy to do. I sent them a contribution today using their website. It took a couple of clicks and I was done. I hope our community will express their appreciation in tangible ways

  3. It was indeed a privileged event to see live raptors on the hand by these dedicated rehabilitators. Birds are Eastern Screech Owl, red phase, Barred Owl (3 views), and Red-tail Hawk. They also brought a beautiful little Kestrel, the smallest falcon. Their work merits support. Thanks, Mike, for making this possible–and Joe for “capturing” on your phone.

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