Collington Presidents Day Showcases Our History of Participation

On Presidents Day, the Collington Residents Association celebrated the broader Presidents Day by unveiling a plaque with the names of all past presidents of the RA, and hearing from six of them about the highlights and lessons of their tenure.  Here are photos and videos.

First the whole panel,with current President Mike McCulley at the podium and master of ceremonies Larry Harris next to the flag.


Now the crowd.


Now the plaque.  This was constructed in the Woodshop by Grant Bagley with great care and devotion.


First, former President Jack Yale on the famous battle to get our liquor license for BYOB wine in the dinning room.

Then former President John Evans on setting up more regular communication with the Board — now automatic with the President of the RA sitting ex officio on the Board, and three selected residents serving as full members.

Then former President Pat Battin talking about getting the handicapped van and reorganizing the Council meetings.

Now former President Herb Stone, recalling snow and the Kendal affiliation.

And, former President Grant Bagley describing the importance of a robust electoral process for the RA.

Next, former President Janet Jones, who focused on improving communication with the Board.

And,the unveiling of the Plaque by Hilda Jay and RoAnne Dahlen-Hartfield

A lot of memories, and a lot of guidance for the future.