The Kendal Home Swap Program Comes to Collington

As Marvell announced at the Community Meeting yesterday, starting March 18, Collington residents will be able to arrange home swaps with residents of other Kendals — all 13 of them, from Chicago, Illinois to Lexington Virginia, and from Hanover, New Hampshire to Oberlin, Ohio.

It’s a simple idea.  A special website will allow residents search for homes that are already on offer for swaps, or to put our own up for possible choice by others.  The residents then find each other, negotiate the details, and each then fills in a form that will notify their “home” Kendal of the plan.

Participants will continue to pay their monthly fees to the “home” Kendal, get meal credits for absence under the usual formula, and be eligible to buy meals where they are visiting at the lowest available rate.  While the “hosting” Kendal will not be responsible or the visitor’s health care, it will obtain emergency 911 help, and assist with appropriate referrals.

What some have particularly liked is this language from the governing documents: “A visiting resident(s) will be entitled and encouraged to participate in all the activities of the community in the same way as residents who reside in that community.”

On March 18, aftter the Community Meeting, in the Auditorium, there will be a presentation of the idea, an opportunity to get any questions answered, and a full demonstration of how to go on the website to enter your available unit, and to look for others on offer.  Full descriptive materials, including the Terms of Participation (no surprises) will be distributed.  For any who might find them helpful, there will also be videos up on YouTube showing how to use the website.

Don’t miss the opportunity for travel to a community and place that you know is interesting, friendly, comfortable, and protected, while building connections throughout the Kendal Network.