Highlights of Feb Health Services Committee Meeting

Here, prepared by Julia Freeman, are the highlights of the February Meeting of the Health Services Committee.  Thanks so much.   We hope that other Committees will be submitting similar reports. (Some, but not all, minutes are  being posted.)

Discarding medications: The committee accepted the recommendation of the Sustainability Group to request a drug buster that uses charcoal to deactivate medications. This will allow residents to bring outdated or unused medications to the clinic for safe disposal at no extra charge.

Defibrillators at Collington: Defibrillators will be purchased for the Health Center and for the Clinic. A subcommittee chaired by Denise Bunting will explore whether additional defibrillators should be purchased for other parts of the campus.

Support Groups: The Health Services Committee endorses the model of resident led/social services support for health related programs. There is currently a caregivers support that meets monthly.  Laurie Cobb is leading a Parkinson’s support group. It was noted that Hospice arranges bereavement counseling as needed. Denise Bunting is exploring re-energizing a Low Vision Support program.

Ombudsman Group: RoAnne Hartfield leads the ombudsman group that has developed a form on which residents in Independent Living can record both concerns and kudos for service in the Clinic and in the Health Center. The results of the reports will be summarized anonymously to look for areas needing attention. The ombudsman group is currently exploring how to make residents aware of the form and process.

Health Center Representative: Madge Haynes has stepped down as the Health Center Representative. Nancy Lively will be presented at the next RA Council as the new Health Center Representative.


February 18, 2016, 2:30 PM in the auditorium– Joint meeting with Social Services. Representatives from Adventist Home Health and Adventist Home Assistance will give a brief overview on these services and how they are paid.

March 1, 2016, 2 PM in the board room – next regular meeting of the committee

March 24, 2016, 2:30 PM in the auditorium– MDICS Practice Manager, Monica Wright will answer questions from the residents on MDICS services and billing practices.