Louise Huddleston on the Death of PG Philharmonic’s Charles Ellis

Louise Huddleston offers these thoughts on the death of Prince Georges Philharmonic’s Charles Ellis.

The Collington community is saddened to hear of the death of Charles Ellis, conductor of the Prince George’s Philharmonic. Over the years, many of us have enjoyed the Philharmonic’s programs and the introductions to the orchestral works which Dr. Ellis gave so brilliantly.

Since this year is the 50th Anniversary of the Philharmonic, Chuck, as he liked to be known, gave tirelessly of his time and energy to make this a truly outstanding year. Collington, the orchestra members, and the community will miss his dedication, energy, musicianship, and outstanding leadership.

Website Editor adds: More information about Maestro Ellis and the planned memorial service (Jan 30, 2016) are here.



One thought on “Louise Huddleston on the Death of PG Philharmonic’s Charles Ellis

  1. I particularly loved the way he put music in a political and historical context. I had intended to see if we could get him to come here to give a talk on the historical context of music, or at least to suggest a book on that to read. Another missed opportunity. The better life here gets, with all its possibilities, the more the urgency of now is underlined. Thanks Maestro Ellis, you changed my view of music.

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