Everyone at Collington is Invited to Celebrate Hanukkah

Everyone at Collington is Invited to Celebrate the Festival of Hanukkah over the coming days.


The first day of Hanukkah is Sunday, December 6.  At  5:00 pm on that day, in the Walker Interfaith Chapel, we will gather for the traditional “lighting” of the first candle, and for whatever else moves us from our disparate memories of this happy day.

The festival goes on for a total of eight days, so from day 2 (Monday, Dec. 7) to day 7 Friday, Dec. 12), we will meet at 5:30 pm (different time) in Court Yard Dining.  Call Ext. 2135 to reserve a seat for Hanukkah in the dining room on those days.  Or, if there are extra seats, you can just join us there.

Finally, on the last day (Day 8), Sunday, Dec. 13, we will again meet at 5:00 pm in the Walker Interfaith Chapel for the final lighting of all the candles, and wrap up.

This is a joyous celebration of Freedom and Resilience, so the Jewish Community particularly welcomes everyone here at Collington.

(Posted by Joan Zorza, Ext. 5082)