Health Services Situation Reporting Form Now Available Online

The new Health Services Situation Report Form, designed to collect information about situations needing intervention and improvement, as well as those worthy of positive attention, is now up on this site here.

As Peter Fielding, Committee chair, puts it:

The provision of health care and associated services can be complex and usually involves several people. It is not surprising that problems can occur particularly in the area of communications but also content and empathy.

We have therefore re-introduced this means to record and review these issues with a view to problem resolution and giving us the basis for improved of the services we all need from time to time. The companion ” Flow Diagram” sets out the process in the expectation  that it will help to inform our community of the steps needed to have a thoughtful and full review of the issues . We will be collating our finding into a summary every three months to look at the big picture and providing a report to the HSC. 

The form itself tells you who to get it to.  Obviously it is in our interest to get as much data as possible,  Every system can be improved.

For alternative quick access to the Form, you can go to the left side menu of the site, where it will be under Resources/Health Services.

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