WiFi Upgrade is Really Coming

As many of you know, CFO Amy Harrison has shared details of the WiFi upgrade starting Dec 1.  It involves extensive replacements and additions of equipment, so that when the whole project is completed, we should have high quality WiFi throughout the campus.  New switches and access points are being installed throughout.  Fortunately we are able to rely on the current cabling, which includes fiber optic.  The plan is to complete installation before the end of the year.

While I do not know the full details, I can share that the changeover will be done bit by bit, so the downtime for any one unit or area should be minimized.  We have been promised detailed instructions on how and when to log into the new network when the time comes.

The only thing we can all be sure of is that there will be hiccups, as there always are in this kind of project.  I understand that money is being reserved to ensure that Collington can do a proper job of filling in the gaps in coverage that are likely to be found.

The Resident Association Tech Ctee will be keeping an eye on this, and hopefully keeping your up to date on what to expect and how things are going.

Thanks to all who have helped move this forward.