Recycling Gone Awry

Facilities staff members responsible for Collington’s recycling program are having a problem with trash being dumped in recycling bins in the apartment building.  When this happens, someone has to go through the recycling bins and remove yucky garbage items that have been thoughtlessly tossed there.   Much of this problem appears to be coming from residents’ private duty aides who are either not aware of Collington’s recycling program or don’t understand its importance, not to mention the unpleasant task they are creating for others.  If you have or know a private duty aide, please take the time to speak with her about how and what to recycle.  All of us at Collington need to understand the difference between what is trash and what is recyclable.  Ellen Stamelos of the Sustainability Group has prepared a brochure that lays out the difference very clearly.  Ellen’s brochure is located on the Sustainability webpage.