Resident Assoc Council on Tuesday, Followed By Presentation on Health Services Situation Report Form, and Community Meeting Wed

This week will see both the Resident’s Association Council meeting and the Community Meeting.  It appears from the Agenda that the focus of the Community Meeting, in addition to the Executive Director’s Report, will be on Operations and Marketing Reports.

Note that the Residents Association Council meeting will be followed by the first of two presentations on the new Health Services Committee Ombudsman function.

As Health Services Committee Chair Peter Fielding explains:

The provision of health care services is complex and requires a great deal of coordination.  Not surprising therefore, is that specific items or problems arise which need to be addressed in a systematic fashion.  Not only to resolve the particular, but also to atempt to mitigate the possibility of recurrence. 

Several years ago, Collington had an Ombudsman process within the HSC which was successful under the leadership of RoAnne Hartfield.  The HSC concluded that the time was right to re-establish the ombudsman process and we are very fortunate that RoAnne has agreed to be its lead. 

The group wished to present to our resident community as a whole, the revamped “Situation Report Form,” and the flow diagram which guides the process.  We hope by so doing to encourage dialog and a more systematic analysis of areas of potential improvement.

The first of these will be after the Residents Association Council meeting, and the second on Thursday afternoon at  2:30 also in the Auditorium, The Situation Report Form and the Process Diagram that goes with it will shortly be on the RA website and in the RA manual.  It is obviously important that as many of us become familiar with the form, both in case we ever need to fill it in ourselves, or in case we need to help a fellow resident do so.  That’s how we get the data we need.