Board reaction to “Meet and Greet” with residents

“Engaged”…”Knowledgeable”…”Passionate” – these were some of the words used by Collington Board Members to describe their conversations with residents at the Meet and Greet held Wednesday afternoon, prior to their meeting that evening. Conversations about multiple topics took place around the round tables in the auditorium, but of highest interest among the residents were the new dining venue, the number of capital improvements taking place (the loop and paving projects in particular), and at the top of the list, the perceived  need for additional social services staff in IL. It was a lively and communicative atmosphere that was very well received by the several dozen in attendance.

But Board members were not the only ones leaving with positive reactions. Several residents expressed appreciation for the accessibility available to them through events like Meet and Greet and the various dinners at which Board members have been meeting with residents to hear issues and concerns important to them.

Mike McCulley