Resident Association Annual Report Now Posted

The annual Report of the Residents Association is now up on our website.  Click here to see the full text of the Report.

Some of the highlights of the year, listed by the President in his portion of the Report, are:

  • Conducted the most successful Employee Appreciation Fund drive in Collington history, raising over $224,000
  • Updated the Residents Association (RA) manual
  • Repurposed two cottages to Respite care and Train and model boat
  • Instituted a vibrant, new RA newcomers’ orientation program
  • Increased the number of handicap parking spaces at the Clock Tower (request of 5000’s residents)
  • Instituted “fireside chats” following Council meetings, focused on topics of importance to our residents
  • Initiated comprehensive lists of physical needs within each cluster with prioritization
  • Inaugurated the Technology and Communications Committee as an operating committee and changed bylaws to accomplish that
  • Increased communication with the Administration through weekly meetings with the CEO and monthly meetings with the Executive Committee and CEO
  • Instituted – with the strong support of the Administration – a procedure whereby operating committees may make suggestions for budget items for the Collington budget
  • Changed primary method of communications, from hard to electronic copy
  • Helped guide a Transitions Policy proposal and Root Cause Analysis proposal to acceptance by the Administration