Frances Kolarek’s Regular Posts on the Official Collington Site Are a Joy Not To be Missed.

All of us know Frances Kolarek as one of the Collingtonian’s most elegant and to the point writers.  Many of us, however, do not yet know that she blogs every week or so on the official Collington Website, with the same pithiness and candor.

One of my favorites is this one, “A Pet Peeve: ‘Sexperts’”, in which she takes on writers on aging who ignore sex and its potential:

One of my pet peeves is the young author who sits down to his computer and grinds out a book about aging, what it’s like, how to do it and gives a few lessons in the necessary techniques. These youngsters rarely broach the topic of sex, convinced that the book “Sex after Sixty” with all blank pages is gospel.


Sex plays its role without snickers and snide remarks not only between partners of the opposite sex, but among women who live together in lesbian attachments. No longer a novelty to be remarked on with an elbow nudge, they are welcomed into the community and become actively involved in community affairs.

When it comes to sex, we Collingtonians mind our own business. And trust the favor will be returned.

Other posts have been on the impact on survival of love and intimacy, on the value of independent living, etc.

Well worth keeping up with.  Hope fully we will have more opinion bloggers like Frances soon.