The Collington Residents Association Website is Now Oficially Launched — Please Enjoy and Share

The Collington Residents Association Website is now officially launched at

To celebrate in accordance with the spirit of new beginnings, we have now included on the site the early history narrative that was on the old “keeping up” website.  What an inspiration!  I love this quote:

Thus began a unique, “made-in-America” alliance: an African American Episcopal bishop, a Jewish millionaire of Polish extraction and Quakers!”  That’s us.

The narrative is now here.  Or you can use the link on the left of the main page (just above the photos.)

Remember you can subscribe to get e-mails whenever there is a new news post on the site by using the “Follow the blog by email” box on the right of the main page.

You can also send the site link to family and others interested in our community.

Thanks to all who have built, and are building the interconnected physical, human, and digital components of our community.