Technology Committee Expands Possible Activities for Coming Year — Join Us on Oct 8!

The Technology Committee will be meeting next on Oct 8 at our usual 9:30 time.  We hope to find out what kinds of projects might attract energy.  At our last meeting we added these essentially “non-budget items” to the “budget ideas” developed before:  So, if you are interested in helping form a (probably) very small workgroup on any one of these items, please do come.  (As a practical matter, we can not cover anything like all of these.)

Non Budget Items

  1. On-going maintenance of the web site.
  2. Restructuring of listserv to be most functional for most residents.
  3. Educating residents about use of both web site and listserve.
  4. Educating residents about expanding their use of their computer equipment and programs.
  5. Especially, “new resident” orientation/integration.
  6. Perhaps I-Pad classes redux. Need teachers, as 1:3 ratio is optimal.
  7. Perhaps classes of “Intro to the Web site.”
  8. Periodic Tech Clinic
  9. Bring in speakers proficient in what we’re concerned with, as concerns arise.
  10. Training of selected staff and residents on management and maintenance of the auditorium’s A/V set-up.

Budget Items

  1. Develop strategic plan for technology with goals, budget, staff and consultant plan, etc.
  2. Hire director of technology to implement and manage strategic plan and staff
  3. WiFi fix enhancements (follow up on current plan).
  4. Meeting room Digital upgrades
  5. Upgrade AV system and auditorium staging capability for easy non-tech usage and management
  6. Assign staff to will spend one day a week on our A-V systems
  7. Assess Kendall at Home technology integration
  8. Internet Skype video conferencing in Creighton Center
  9. Plan for Comcast contract expiration
  10. Explore SARA (emergency button) Update
  11. Charging Stations
  12. Marketing tech assistance program